Dental crowns and dental bridges guarantee cosmetic dentistry using CAD/CAM technology


Using the CAD/CAM, IPS Empress e.max system, Prosthetiki Dental Laboratory guarantees cosmetic dentistry with absolute perfection, avoiding side effects

Some of the most important tools of the dental technician, when performing aesthetic restorations, are all ceramic solutions. Prosthetiki dental laboratory is continuously investing in new technologies and is capable of constructing all ceramic dental bridges and dental crowns, using the following materials:

Prosthetiki, taking advantage of its long-term expertise and know-how regarding the shape, functionality, and shade of natural teeth, is in the position to build up dental crowns and dental bridges using various materials and substrates.

Together with the dentist, we provide consultation on better protocol and methodology concerning the all ceramic application compatible to the patient’s needs and particularities, looking for the final outcome of a bright and impressive smile.


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